What’s new at XDS 1000 Version 2021-01?

  • You can download the new update every time – 24/7
  • All information at a glance
  • More flexibility for you – no CD’s any longer; access from any PC you want

AVL DiTEST recommends all users of XDS 1000 software to update their software periodically.  

1, 2, 3 – Finish

Step 1: Download and install the update to your XDS 1000 Tablet/PC

1. Download the XDS 1000 software version 2021-01.

Download version standard (4.2 GB)

Note: Downloading and installing the XDS 1000 software version 2021-01 may take a few minutes, depending on the transmission speed of your internet line and the performance of your system.

2. Unzip the downloaded file into a separate folder.

Optional: To use the XDS 1000 software version 2021-01 on another tablet/PC, please copy the unzipped file to the XDS 1000 diagnostic computer using an external data carrier (e.g. USB stick).

3. Open the destination folder with the unzipped file.

4. Double-click on the installation file "Setup.exe" and follow the instructions on the screen.

Tip: To save storage space, both the downloaded and the unzipped file can be deleted after installation.

Step 2: Please start your XDS 1000

1. Connect your VCI 1000/DiOBD 880 with the USB interface of your tablet/PC and with the diagnostic socket of the vehicle.

2. Double-click at XDS.

3. Choose at interface selection cable (USB)

If a new firmware for VCI 1000 / DiOBD 880 is available, a message is displayed and the firmware for VCI 1000/ DiOBD 880 is updated.

4. Select any vehicle

5. Click on AutoScan or ECU List and take your serial number

Stept 3: Activate your device

  • Insert your email address
  • Insert your serial number or registration code of your VCI 1000.
    For DiOBD 880 just insert your registration code.
  • Click on Request activation code.

You will find the serial number (SN)
(= registration code)
 in the pop-up window of your software.

If you are using a VCI1000, you will find the serial number (SN) (= registration code) on the back of your device.

You will receive your 25-digit activation code. Enter this code under „Product activation“.

Optional: Connect your device via Bluetooth.

1. Disconnect the USB cable

2. Choose at interface selection Bluetooth.

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