Modular Platform – MVCI 2000

AVL DiTEST offers hardware and software solutions in the field of automotive measurement systems and diagnostics technology for vehicle manufacturers and their service network. Central system components are developed and maintained on site at AVL DiTEST from the analysis phase till rollout. The key goal of the developed modular Vehicle Communication Interface (AVL DiTEST MVCI 2000) platform is the fast and flexible adaptation to different requirements of our customers and their field of applications.

The new AVL DiTEST MVCI 2000 platform for vehicle manufacturer is especially designed to meet the requirements in vehicle production and vehicle servicing, such as high data throughput, high level of platform stability, long-term availability of components, readiness for future upgrades (e.g. DoIP, WiFi AC, Telematic), cost reduction and reduced worldwide certification effort. The MVCI 2000 platform is offered as off-the-shelf product or customized version by adapting core components of main board, vehicle interfaces, workshop interfaces and the housing design.

The modular MVCI 2000 platform incorporates:

  • Service exchangeable modules design with mechanical  and electrical protection
  • Modular vehicle interfaces to flexibly adapt physics and protocols (e.g. DoIP, UDS, CAN, K-Line, multiplexer)
  • Modular workshop interfaces (e.g. USB, Gbit LAN, BT, Gbit WiFi, 3/4G)
  • Standard VCI communication interfaces (ISO22900, SAE J2534)
  • Modular HMI to connect flexibly displays, leds and buttons to the VCI
  • Upgradable memory and CPU performance (e.g. industry standard ARM with 2000DMIPS)
  • High performance modular software stack based on modern embedded Linux Kernel
  • Powerful SDK to implement customized functionality
  • Highly reliable dual boot firmware design
  • Comprehensive self-diagnosis capability
  • UID & hardware base copy and misuse protection
  • Connections for RTC and A/D converter
  • Low level logging and debugging functions

The AVL DiTEST MVCI 2000 platform supports all required common and manufacturer specific interfaces and protocols, for example:

  • D-PDU API ISO 22900-2 interface
  • SAE J2534 Interface
  • RP1210 A/B/C interface
  • DoIP (ISO13400)
  • CAN ISO TP (ISO 15765-2) and physical layer (ISO11898)
  • UDS (ISO 14229) on CAN (ISO15765-3)
  • KWP2000 (ISO 14230-3/SAE J2190) on CAN (ISO 15765-2) and K-Line (ISO 14230-2)
  • Agriculture ISOBUS (ISO11783) on CAN (SAE J1939)
  • OBD (ISO15031/SAE J1978/SAE J1979) on CAN (ISO 15765-4) and K-Line (ISO 9141/ISO 14230-4)
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