How do mechanics go about repairing complex vehicles?

Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. Diagnostic tools are of no real use to mechanics unless they can reduce complexity and are intuitive to operate. Discover how AVL DiTEST and KTM are managing to achieve this.



The vehicle industry is dominated by technological advances. Leading manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to achieve the very best in customer experience and satisfaction, which in turn means that vehicle complexity is constantly increasing. Stricter legal requirements are another factor behind this trend.

Just as in other parts of the industry, numerous advances have also been seen in the motorcycles sector, e.g. in the form of extensive radar systems. These provide customers with significant added value, but they also make maintenance and repair work much more demanding for mechanics.


KTM_XC2 is being used at all 2500 KTM workshops across the globe

Graphical User Interface

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, mechanics are able to start using the XC_2 diagnostic tool right away. The key to the self-explanatory design is – among other things – the integrated semantic search and augmented reality technology.

Semantic Search

Semantic search is a method whereby the meaning of the search term takes centre stage. The search result brings together technically related content that is of relevance to the current search. The content is managed in a concept and content library, with the result that the user only has to enter the essence of what they mean to get the search result they are looking for.
This contrasts with the much more limited keyword-based search method, which filters the results purely according to the term specifically entered.

For example, if the mechanic searches for "immobilizer", they are presented with the following results:

  • 3D model
  • Information on the immobilizer control unit
  • Installation location document
  • Pin overview document

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) uses a computer to enhance the user's perception of reality. 

Providing mechanics with "X-ray vision" in this way enables them to locate specific components, thereby eliminating time-consuming searches and unnecessary disassembly work. With the AR function, even fastening points that the mechanic would not otherwise be able to see can be pinpointed quickly and easily.

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