Diagnostic Data Authoring

AVL DiTEST AVALON is a comprehensive diagnostic data development toolchain. Main features of AVALON technology are the powerful data editor, the common data repository and the seamless runtime build. The modular and plugin based architecture allows easy adaptation, integration and extension of AVL DiTEST AVALON functionalities to various use cases and processes along the complete vehicle manufacturer development V-cycle. 

Creating, Editing, Importing, Exporting Diagnostic Data

The AVL DiTEST AVALON tool provides comprehensive means for diagnostic data handling, such as ECU data and functions, Variant Handling, Guided/Symptom Diagnostic Data, ODX importer exporter, On-the-fly data verification, Diagnostic Flows, Manufacturing Test Sequences, OTX importer/exporter.


Common Repository

A single, shared, SVN based data repository for development, production and service guaranties short and efficient diagnostic data development cycles, one source of truth, increased product quality, less investments by efficient reuse of data and runtime across businesses and vehicle platforms.


Configurable Data Views

AVALON provides different data views for sophisticated diagnostic data development in powerful Domain Specific Language (DSL) text editor or special table and graphical modes to assist during diagnostic data and function development. Runtime UX optimization is supported by WYSIWIG previewing during creation of diagnostic services.


Integrated Runtime Build

The integrated, one-click build process applies diagnostic data, sequences and UX components to production test or service tool runtime. The build process also supports release management, rollout and software distribution.


Comprehensive Interfaces

AVL DiTEST AVALON technology features wide range of interfaces to integrate different data sources, software or hardware components: Technical Information Integration, CSS/HTML UX interfaces, SOAP API, Standard ISO 22900/SAE J2534 VCI, Measurement Technology Interfacing, 3rd party workshop systems.


Seamless Experience

Different diagnostic data and functions can be created, managed and linked together to create seamless diagnostic experience, such as automated answering of guided diagnostic questions, automatic triggering of ECU functions during symptom diagnostic, VIN related execution of vehicle functions.


Integrated Legacy Data Migration Modules

Customized data importer help to migrate legacy data into specified standard formats.


Text and Terminology Management

The language translation workflows are supported by additional modules to handle text and terminologies during diagnostic data development.