AVL DiTEST celebrates more successes than ever before and impresses with pioneering developments

FRANKFURT/GRAZ/CADOLZBURG – Cutting-edge technology and visionary innovations, alongside an inspiring, first-class information programme, were the order of the day from AVL DiTEST at Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt. At its 288-square metre stand, AVL DiTEST presented its latest equipment and software solutions to the exhibition’s visitors, invited them to try out and test products and offered an exclusive insight into the workshop of the future. Five of these developments were given the Innovation Award, including a win in two categories – a success that no company has ever managed to achieve before!

From emissions testing to climate control servicing, and OEM solutions to e-mobility: the wide range of products from testing and measurement technology specialists AVL DiTEST won countless visitors over at Automechanika 2018. Customers from the fields of vehicle manufacturing, testing organisations and car workshops were represented. “We are very pleased to see the enormous interest from visitors. We have been able to make a lot of new contacts and paved the way for future partnerships,” enthused Gerald Lackner, CEO of AVL DiTEST. He went on to add, “You need a committed team for this kind of success – a team that works incessantly on new developments. This approach means we are always able to offer our customers the best solutions for the workshops of today and tomorrow.”

AVL DiTEST, a hotbed of innovation

Besides new measuring and diagnostics devices such as the acoustic camera (ACAM) and the Multisense 1000, which was deemed an Innovation Award ‘WINNER’ in its categories, AVL DiTEST focussed particularly on e-mobility and the IoT at this year’s Automechanika. In the field of e-mobility, the HV Safety MixedRealityGuide offers a new, interactive training system. The application overlays the environment and the measuring equipment with virtual components that are projected directly into the service engineer’s field of vision, optimising the repair process for high-voltage batteries. When used for training purposes, it improves safety in situations that involve handling HV systems. It can also conceivably be used in the field of OEM with the aim of making day-to-day work easier long term. Visitors were not just impressed by the theory behind the device. A live demonstration of the product drew a huge crowd to the AVL DiTEST stand and quickly became a real magnet for visitors, as did the other devices that were showcased. It was the same story for the ACAM, which was equally alluring and won over fascinated customers, as well as the prestigious expert judges of the Innovation Award, in just minutes.

In times where networking is becoming ever more widespread, the Internet of Things has become an indispensable part of the car market too and offers numerous new after-sales possibilities through digital services. With AVL DiTEST Smart Service, the company has created a solution for the efficient, secure analysis, evaluation and visualisation of device data. The product can be used for monitoring and optimizing device utilisation, consumables or maintenance costs – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Smart Service solution gives testing centres and workshops a comprehensive overview of, and control over, their equipment fleet, increases efficiency in day-to-day work and cuts costs company-wide. The Smart solution was demonstrated at Automechanika and enthralled visitors thanks to the visualisations which can be customised to the user and their requirements.

“The daily new demands on our development work provide an opportunity to continually launch new innovations on the market. Time and again, Automechanika gives us the perfect forum to showcase our new developments and give them the publicity they deserve. Even more rewarding for us is the fact that our belief in our products is echoed in the interest shown by vehicle manufacturers, testing organisations and workshops, as well as in the opinion of the prestigious expert judges who gave five of our developments the Innovation Award,” summarised a delighted Ralf Kerssenfischer, Managing Director of AVL DiTEST Germany, adding that he was already looking forward to Automechanika 2020 and many more innovations to come.

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