AVL DiTEST presents the latest developments at Automechanika 2018

GRAZ/CADOLZBURG – With a wide range of equipment from the fields of measurement technology, e-mobility, emissions testing, climate control servicing and control unit diagnostics, AVL DiTEST is showcasing its innovative strength at this year’s Automechanika in September. The testing technology specialist will be using its 288-m2 stand space to present exciting new developments and give its customers a glimpse into the workshop of the future.

From 11 to 15 September, Automechanika 2018 will be returning to Frankfurt as the leading trade fair for the automotive aftermarket. AVL DiTEST will have a strong presence at the trade fair, and is submitting some interesting innovations for the Innovation Award. “Alternative drive methods, new statutory guidelines for emissions testing and the growing number of electronic components in vehicles are presenting workshops with new challenges all the time. As a partner, we work with our customers to develop future-proof equipment and software solutions that create new freedoms in day-to-day work,” explains Ralf Kerssenfischer, Managing Director of AVL DiTEST Germany, who is looking forward to the new technologies being presented at the trade fair.  

Focus on innovative measuring methods and e-mobility
Vehicles are getting quieter all the time. In hybrid and electric vehicles in particular, this criterion is valued as one of the main attributes. However, this quiet environment means that disturbing noises appear even louder and become the centre of vehicle owners’ attention. In order to process acoustic complaints more quickly in the workshop, intelligent measuring systems are required that save time, money and nerves. With the acoustic camera (ACAM), AVL DiTEST has developed an innovative measurement device for use in vehicle workshops. The AVL DiTEST ACAM enables disturbing noises to be identified quickly and simply, localised in next to no time, analysed, and the cause rectified with complete accuracy. 64 directional microphones combined with a high-resolution, compact camera and an excellent price-performance ratio make the device a unique, essential addition to any workshop. The ergonomic handle and robust housing complete the refined operating concept and make the device an ideal candidate for the Innovation Award 2018.

In order to establish the environmentally friendly mobility of the future, vehicle manufacturers are accelerating development in the field of e-mobility. For workshops, this change requires a rethink and is presenting new obstacles in terms of safety. With the IRP 120, AVL DiTEST is presenting another device from the field of electro-mobility at Automechanika that enables the efficient and reliable measurement of low electrical resistances, even on active batteries. What’s more, the contact resistances of connections and the internal resistances of battery cells can be measured, and the state of the battery can be assessed. This not only guarantees the optimal safety and efficiency of batteries, but also supports safe working practices in workshops.

Looking to the future in emissions testing and climate control servicing
The simple and, above all, accurate measurement of emissions, taking into account the current and future statutory regulations – those are the basic requirements of modern vehicle emission analysers. A new law on periodic emissions testing – Guideline 5 Version 01 – has already been introduced in Germany in 2017. This law also requires particle counting from 2021. AVL DiTEST has the perfect solution for this in the form of an innovative module for particle counting. With this innovative solution, the Graz-based company is once again demonstrating the pioneering role that it plays in the industry and is submitting the module for the Innovation Award 2018. The sensor principle of the particle counter is based on the electrical charge principle and enables the particle count to be determined even when away from the test bench. Thanks to the high level of sensitivity and the large measuring range, it is possible to make immediate statements regarding the functionality and condition of the particle filter.

As the climate control technology of the future, the use of CO2 (R744) as a coolant offers many benefits and is a sustainable and safe solution for the filling of climate control systems and heat pump systems. AVL DiTEST presented its innovative servicing device ADS 310 at Automechanika back in 2016. Today, the device is a permanent fixture in the workshops of many vehicle manufacturers and is used by premium vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler and VW.

“The continuous development of new pioneering equipment and software solutions is a key part of our strategy and one of the reasons why we are so successful. We are proud of this fact, and are excited to be able to present our new technologies at Automechanika once again this year,” says Gerald Lackner, CEO of AVL DiTEST, speaking about the company’s promising developments.

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