Another turnover high for AVL DiTEST: 71.5 million euros

AVL DiTEST reports a 40 percent increase in turnover for 2021

Graz, April 2021. AVL DiTEST, the vehicle diagnostics and measurement technology specialist, achieved a record turnover of 71.5 million euros in 2021. The company overcame challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and supply bottlenecks to increase turnover compared to the previous year by 40 percent. Electromobility solutions remain a major factor behind the company's success.

Resilience through innovative strength is one of the hallmarks of this vehicle diagnostics and measurement technology specialist, and this feature has been much in demand over the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic remained all-pervading during 2021 and was exacerbated by the drastic reduction in component availability. Following a successful 2019, in which turnover reached 57 million euros, AVL DiTEST reported a slight fall of 9.8 percent during 2020, the first year of the pandemic. 2021 was expected to be another record year. With a consolidated annual turnover of 71.5 million euros, the company achieved an increase of 40 percent over the previous year, despite the extremely fraught operating conditions.

Rapid response during procurement crisis
Supply bottlenecks and long lead times represented a huge challenge for companies in 2021, and AVL DiTEST was no exception. What is striking is how the company responded to this supply crisis. "Established procedures that permit fast and decisive actions, and mutual trust, are especially important during critical periods," stressed Gerald Lackner, CEO of AVL DiTEST. "Rapid and precise adjustments within very short timescales are important elements of our company management. This enabled us to respond extremely rapidly to the procurement crisis and to make the necessary course corrections on the fly." The company installed a cross-functional focus team that managed the procurement process with the involvement of all concerned, and it was this which provided the basis for swift and effective action.

Electromobility boosts turnover
A detailed look at the turnover trend in recent years reveals a picture of significant growth, particularly in the electromobility sector. Compared with 2020, solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles generated double the turnover of the previous year. AVL DiTEST is frequently involved at an early stage in the development of new technologies for big-name vehicle manufacturers. For example, the Volkswagen Group has for years relied on the technical expertise of the diagnostics and measuring specialist, and uses AVL DiTEST tools to assess and repair battery modules in electric vehicles. According to company forecasts, this business area will continue to be a significant revenue driver in the years ahead.

New legislation affects emissions measurement technology
The share of products for alternative drives is increasing every year. In parallel, emissions measurement technology for combustion engines will remain an important area. AVL DiTEST develops solutions that measure the number of soot particles in exhaust gas so that testing organisations and vehicle workshops are properly equipped to cope with more stringent legislation. The company is working to reduce the microscopically small exhaust particles that are particularly detrimental to our health. "We are keeping a close eye on both alternative drive technologies and classical emissions measurement technology," confirmed Gerald Lackner. This is an area in which AVL DiTEST is anticipating another increase that will result in a doubling of turnover over this year and the next.

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