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Slimmer, but every bit as future-proof – presenting the MDS Slim. This modular system adapts to your specifications, not the other way round, allowing for easier, faster and more intuitive measurements. MDS Slim lets you replace and delete error codes, create more detailed diagnostics, and identify root causes faster and more accurately. Its huge range of features represent real added value. Look to the future and discover the industry leader in exhaust gas measurement and diagnostic technology. Experience for yourself the astonishing flexibility of AVL DiTEST exhaust gas equipment, designed with demanding applications and discerning professionals in mind.

Advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Efficient to operate and use – clear, quick and intuitive
  • Return on investment and increased profits – this pollution monitoring system is a real golden goose: The analyser is available at short notice, the procedure is lightning fast, and the equipment boasts excellent availability with no waiting times, barely any maintenance, and a
    modular system that allows it to be upgraded as technology develops
  • Only the best will do: Structurally solid, made from durable materials and built to last – this is the best that technology has to offer
  • The latest future-proof technology
  • Designed with tomorrow’s materials and software in mind, the system can adapt to new regulatory requirements or revolutionary measuring technology

Clear, quick and intuitive.

Discover for yourself just how quick and easy a pollution test can be. The system guides you precisely and efficiently through the whole process, from inputting the client, to the measurement itself, all the way through to the final report.

Included in delivery


  1. MDS SLIM main system
  2. TFT monitor
  3. Petrol Emission module AVL DITEST Gas 2301
  4. Diesel Emission module AVL DISMOKE 480 BT
  5. Diagnostics interface AVL DITEST VCI 1000
  6. AVL DITEST AUX 2000 with integrated engine speed measurement
  7. Slim Line PC

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