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Built with sophisticated measuring modules, the AVL DITEST MDS 650 can handle every challenge in the modern workshop. The AVL DiTEST MDS 650 includes the following modules: Emission Analysis, ECU Diagnostics, Engine and Component Test, Information System and more.

A robust, agile system frame mount with a large widescreen is the basis for the AVL DiTEST MDS 650. Comprising a generous work surface and multifunctional storage space for PC, printer, probes and cables. Due to the intuitive use of the device, the user can concentrate on the essentials: the customer and their vehicle.

Functions at a glance

  • ECU diagnostics
  • Automotive measurement technology
  • High voltaic measurement technology
  • Emission analysis/official emission measurements
  • EOBD to derive auxiliary parameters
  • Emission analysis
  • Information system


ECU diagnostics

  • Diagnostic system for passenger cars, light to heavy commercial vehicles and trailers
  • Read/delete error codes and readings with graphic display
  • Actuator tests, parameterisation, coding, service provision, basic settings
  • Automatic detection of diesel/petrol vehicles
  • Filtering functions and measured values ​​in real time
  • Defined TOP-functions without selecting a control unit
  • Automatic selection of VIN and odometer readings
  • Permanent status display of connection to vehicle
  • Continuous on-board voltage control
  • One of the world's largest vehicle databases – from Alfa Romeo to Wabco
  • New revolutionary user interface leads to the target in only three clicks
  • Scan of complete vehicle in unique diagnostic speed
  • Fully automated assistant and intelligent search functions


Automotive Measurement Technology

  • Measurement and testing of motors, sensors and actuators with more than 400 preconfigured measurements
  • Detailed help and descriptions assist and guide through measurements
  • Automatic configuration of measurement range allows meaningful curve displays and evaluation
  • Direct reference curve comparison for pass/fail assessment
  • Graph recorder functions allow recording the signals for later evaluations
  • Long-term measurements for analysing sporadic errors
  • Simple and clear usability as well as functionality
  • Simple, menu-driven user guidance – in three steps to the measurement and determination of errors

System frame mount

  • Large storage compartment
  • High mobility due to large wheels
  • Use of high quality materials – particularly robust
  • No cable chaos – wireless concept optional
  • Easy to read from any position – Large moveable 22'' TFT monitor
  • Simple exchange of modules for service


Emission Measurement Systems

  • Comprehensiveemission analysis for petrol anddiesel vehicles
  • Statutory emission measurement(country-specific)
  • EOBDreadout
  • Variety ofadditional featuresat no extra charge: vehicle and customerdatabase
  • Wireless connection with diesel measurement chamber, detailed result reports, data recording
  • Low maintenance
  • Intuitive handling
  • Fast measurementavailabilityand process cycle
  • Investment protectionandreturn – state of the art and future proof technology



To the target in just 3 clicks – an example.

Nowadays only one thing counts due to a large number of ECUs per vehicle and a time conscious scope of tests: the bigger picture. From now on, the XDS 1000 supports with useful features and a simple user interface. This saves time, money and nerves.

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Experienced diagnostic solution

No more time-consuming fault finding. An end to user unfriendly diagnostic software. Forget the long searches for required functions. The revolutionary AVL DITEST 2000 is the software that adapts to your needs and not the other way round: Fast diagnostics for various brands, whilst being simple and intuitive for the user, with the help of the fully equipped diagnostics assistant to save precious time.

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  1. MDS main system
  2. Slime Line PC
  3. TFT monitor
  4. Laser printer b/w
  5. Petrol Emission module AVL DITEST Gas 2301
  6. Diesel Emission module AVL DISMOKE 480 BT
  7. AVL DITEST AUX 2000 with integrated engine speed measurement
  8. AVL SCOPE 1200/1400
  9. Diagnostics interface AVL DITEST VCI 1000
  10. Diagnostics software AVL DITEST XDS 1000



The best seller. Digital, high definition 4 cannel scope.

AVL DITEST HV Safety 2000

On the safe side with e-Mobility diagnostics.