Battery repair process

After sales is facing new challenges owing to the large number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the roads. It no longer makes economic sense to replace the whole traction battery and take on the expense of shipping the complete package.

AVL DiTEST supplies all the equipment you need for e-mobility, enabling you to diagnose problems reliably and thoroughly in the workshop at reasonable cost. The diagram shows a systematic repair process featuring seamless integration of all the relevant diagnostic tools. The process is designed not only to ensure accurate and reliable diagnostics and repair of the vehicle, but also to guarantee that any knowledge gained flows back into developing the technology.

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AVL DITEST E-Mobility Tools

In the near future, every workshop will have to deal with a significant number of hybrid and electrically powered vehicles. High-voltage systems also carry a high safety risk. Guaranteeing the safety and reliability of high-voltage systems within the vehicles is one of the assignments to be performed in the future.

The processes of checking the isolation strength of high-voltage systems and the on-board isolation monitor are basic tests for each maintenance and repair activity regarding high-voltage vehicles. For test organizations, these measurements are becoming more and more important, since the isolation strength is subject to a certain process of ageing.

Tools for the repair process

Freely available high-voltage tools for workshops, testing organisations and experts

AVL DITEST HV Safety 2000

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AVL DITEST HV Safety 2000 Training Kit

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High-voltage tools adapted to requirements of vehicle manufacturers


Conditioning battery modules.


Battery status check.


Universal tool for testing batteries.


Leakage test for batteries.